Joel Busboom - Program Manager - I am passionate about helping people achieve their potential.  My diverse background in sales, the military and behavioral change programs has helped me develop the Aim for Maintain Program.  Whether you are a Financial Advisor or a Business Manager, this program will lead to a significant improvement in your business and your life.  You just need to decide if right now is the time! 

Kim Busboom - Health & Fitness Coach | Group Fitness Instructor - I personally struggled with anxiety and related panic attacks for a number of years.  I will be the first to tell you that when you lose focus on YOUR OWN intention, anxiety and stress will find a place to call home.  I stay focused on myself through working out, eating right and staying organized. I help others gain back control of their lives through fitness and nutrition, resulting in people achieving weight loss goals, feeling better, and stressing less. 

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