The Aim for Maintain Box Set and

E​mployee Support Program

The Daily Routine says "yeah, I know we can make a few changes, but that also bring unknown risks.  We made it through yesterday, let's just do it again for one more day and think those changes through a bit more."  For most of us, this conversation happens day after day after day. 

When it comes to making a change in our lives happen, there is no better way than to have someone help keep you accountable.  You know this as the Buddy System.  And to facilitate change, personal development and the Buddy System, we created the Aim for Maintain Box Set.  It contains 30 cards (10 cards each that say Health, Wealth and Maintain) and is designed to help 10 people in the achievement of their goals. 

Here's how the Box Set works:

  1. Ask a person on your team which area they would like to focus on improving for that month.  If they want to improve their health, give them that card.  Wealth?  Give them that card.  And if they say "I'm good where I'm at", then give them the Maintain card.
  2. Move on to the next person!  Your goal is just to engage the person in thinking about their own personal development.  If they want to talk about it, then great.  Just know that the simple step of asking people what they are trying to do is significant when it comes to personal development and making people know that you care about them.
  3. Come back to them in one month, take the card back and ask them what they would like to focus on improving for that month.

That's how simple this program is.  You don't need to be a psychologist and you can even assign someone to do it for you.  A local "health or wealth" provider would love to support the program with you.  Again, just know (and feel good) that you have set improvement in motion, stood up the Buddy System and made feel people feel like someone actually cares about them enough to ask what they are trying to achieve in their life.   

If you would like for us to order an Aim for Maintain Box Set for your team, please send an email to

Thanks and Have a Great Moment!

Joel and Kim

The Inspired Workplace