Services and Pricing

Depending on your budget, role and team size, we can help you optimize the program that will deliver the best results and Return on Investment.

Box Sets: $5/Box plus Shipping: (Includes a one time Zoom video call onboarding of the program with your team.)  This is the tool that you will use to either motivate your team to achieve their goals or to help your client's team achieve their goals.  If you do this every Monday, those teams are going to be much more motivated, productive and safe.

Goal Setting Support by Text: $15/month. It does not take a lot to help people stay accountable and with technology, it's even easier.  A simple follow up and support with goal identification each Friday will go a long way to supporting people in their change efforts.

3PM Schedule Review Auto Calls: $25/person for 2 weeks.  This service is to help salespeople work with their assistants to make sure they review their schedule with each other each day.  This aligns the two and greatly increases efficiency.

Onsite Support: $1000/day plus travel and expenses.  You will probably need help getting this program onboarded with your team, your clients and your Health and Wealth Vendor Partners.  Schedule time for Joel to come out and help explain the program in your community to make sure it gets onboarded correctly.

Our goal is to develop a custom Aim for Maintain Program for you and we will support that program with unlimited phone support to insure the program's success. 

If you need to make a payment, please feel use to this PayPal site: