The Aim for Maintain Box Set

"If you want your team to break out OF the box, you need to break out THE box - every Monday."

Making Goal Achievement and Employee Engagement Easy

To facilitate change, personal development and the Buddy System in the workplace, we created the Aim for Maintain Box Set.  It contains 30 cards (10 cards each that say Health, Wealth or Maintain) and is designed to help 10 people in the achievement of their goals.  (It costs $5/box plus shipping.) 

Here's how the Box Set works:

  1. Each Monday in your daily morning huddle or on an individual basis, ask your team which area they would like to focus on improving for that week.  If they want to improve their Health, give them that card.  Wealth?  Give them that card.  And if they say "I'm good where I'm at", then give them the Maintain card.
  2. Each Month, ask your team what type of help they would like, if any.  Would you like me to bring in someone to talk about health?  Safety?  Stress Management?
  3. Make it happen!  Bring in the help they are looking for and help them achieve their goals.  You'll immediately see the change in your work environment.

That's how simple this program is.  You don't need to be a psychologist and you can even assign someone to do it for you.  A local "health or wealth" provider would love to support the program with you.  Again, just know (and feel good) that you have set improvement in motion, stood up the Buddy System and made feel people feel like someone actually cares about them enough to ask what they are trying to achieve in their life.