Commitment is the key

You can do this!

Welcome to the website of The Inspired Workplace!  Our mission in life is to help people achieve whatever they have been thinking about achieving and can't quite get accomplished.  There is a science behind this and it's not because you are lazy, unmotivated or any of that.  It's because you don't know what you are really up against.  It's the Daily Routine and it really, really doesn't like change - even if it's good for you.  The Daily Routine is actually used as a survival instinct, so you know you had better gear up to go against that!  Our programs are designed to be simple and very systematic in order to support one person or an entire organization.  All it takes is one little step called commitment!

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It's Time to Engage Life!

Engagement is Key

Employee and student engagement are key to the success of any business.  Gallup has reported on this statistic for years and it has consistently shown the United States' workforce to be 70% disengaged.  That means only 3 in 10 workers actually care about their job!  Our Do One Thing program will engage your workers and produce significant returns. 


  • Coaching
  • Employee Engagement
  • Wellness Programs
  • Customer Engagement
  • Sustainability Programs
  • Risk Management


"The importance of employee engagement can not be understated.  It impacts every aspect of my business."

Joe S.