The DOT Club


Personal stress is going to make it's way into your organization.  You can avoid it and act like it won't or you can take simple steps to handle the issues. How? Refer your employees to experts when the need arises.

The DOT Club is a simple and effective program that goes directly at this huge issue of workplace stress - specifically, financial stress.  If you are ready to significantly improve every aspect of your business, take a look at this video. 

​Program Information

I have used this concept for almost 10 years and have learned this: If you want to improve your life or your business, it is best to focus on ONE thing!  Furthermore, if you are trying to make a change - use The Buddy System.  It's much, much easier that way!

​Below are materials I use and have developed.  Please feel free to use them.

Program Overviews ​

Frontline Manager's Training Program - One part employee engagement; one part business development

The DOT Club Overview and Roster - All you need to get your team on their way to achieving their potential

Sales Training - Maximize your time and the value you provide to your clients

Operation Empowered Machine - A systematic approach to business and personal development

Health and Fitness Training - Get the support you need to get in shape and to be healthy

Industry Specific Programs 

Supply Chain/Distribution

Credit Union SEG Development

Insurance Agent Business Development

​30 Day DOT Club Challenge

Program Explanations

America's Backbone - A Manger's Guide to Managing Stress

DOT Club Overview Video

Email Triage Video

Boring Booklet