What is your "one thing"?


We have a bunch of them and have changed quite a few lives.  One of the best was when a young lady was thanking me for helping her.  I said, "But I didn't really do anything."  She said that I helped her because every time she saw me, it reminded her of what she was trying to achieve (her ONE). 

The power of the Buddy System is huge!


  • Sales Training
  • Coaching
  • Employee Engagement
  • Wellness Programs
  • Customer Engagement
  • Sustainability Programs
  • Risk Management


Know your one and get it Done!

Whether it is your yourself, your employee or your client, you need to know what their ONE is, or you are just guessing.  How in the world can you know this?  Just ask.  People never get asked "What are you trying to do?" and really appreciate someone that actually cared enough to do so.  Then just kick back and let them talk.  They'll tell you everything you need to know to get in a position to help them achieve their ONE!

Welcome to the website of The Inspired Workplace!  Our mission is to help you and your team achieve whatever they have been thinking about achieving and can't quite get accomplished.  Are you looking to improve your sales numbers?  We can help.  Are you looking to get your employees more engaged, more healthy or even more safe?  We can do that too.  

The big issue with change is the Daily Routine and it really, really doesn't like it - even if it's for the better.  The Daily Routine is actually used as a survival instinct, so you know you had better gear up to go against that!  Our programs use the Do One Thing Concept as the cornerstone for change and they are simple and systematic.  This makes them highly scalable and affordable - and they make a huge difference for your sales team or your operational team.  The same concept actually applies to both groups.​

Commitment is the key

You can do this!